Introduction: The Molecular structure of Trestolone

Trestolone is also known as 7alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone. This is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid. Trestolone is a 19Nor Hormone and is stronger than testosterone. Originally developed as a male contraceptive and proved to be more potent in a rapid muscle mass building.

Trestolone provide sufficient replacement therapy for androgen-dependent function. This is because the Trestolone has rapid metabolic clearance rate than the testosterone.

Trestolone has undergone several investigations by the Population Council for its safety within the population density for a long-term application as male contraceptive and alternative replacement in the therapy of hormones. Initial results from the trials indicate that it may be ideal drug since it is non-reducible androgen and it lower requirement in dosage administration because of increased potency over testosterone.

Despite the initial investigation of the Trestolone, there are other forms that are still undergoing clinical investigations by the Population Council and these are MENT Ac implant and MENT transdermal gel and the patch formulation in human pharmaceutical preparations and device for contraceptives and therapy.


On the application of the Trestolone, their requirement of the on cycles support which will go a long way in keeping your liver safe by detoxifying it and to prevent any negative effect that might come along with. For a reliable support in the On-Cycle support, it recommends for laboratory such as Olympus lab. The support is also necessary to reduce liver stress and maintain required blood pressure. Since Trestolone is a prohormone and as like other prohormones it will be necessary to run a post cycle, this goes a long way to help the balancing of the body hormone and rejuvenation of body liver and kidney is enhanced.

For the beginners in the application of the Trestolone drug, the recommended usage is 6 to 8 weeks inclusive of the average users and for the advanced prohormone users, the recommended one is from 6 to 8 weeks and inclusive of the anabolic applicants. The toxicity level of the Trestolone drug is, depending on the dosage description is as from low to moderate level.

For the approved dosage, there are two forms of administration; there is that to the armature, the beginners, and the advanced users. For the beginners, the required doss is 50-70mg per day for the duration of 4 weeks before you retire to bed and upon rising from the bed in the morning hours to enhance significant gaining of at least 20 pounds. This will also help in gaining strength within the duration of 3 months.

For the advanced users, the following prescriptions are safe; you can administer 75gm to100mg a day following the following procedures:

  • At AM- 25 mg
  • Pre-Workout 25-50mg
  • PM- 25mg

The above dosage can vary according to the variation of the product. Trestolone can be taken in three different forms, the oral form which exists as tablet or fluid, the injection form and finally the transdermal form. For the anabolic compounds, the best delivery form is the injection of the drug in the body system.

Benefits of Trestolone

Trestolone is effective and reliable in the way it is used if you follow the prescription as highlighted above if you want the body bulkiness. Trestolone drug enhances muscle growth in the body. With keeping track of the early and late prescription for the beginners, Trestolone will boost your strength significantly. The other beneficial aspect of the Trestolone drug is that it has no SHBG effects in the system. Trestolone does not convert fully into estrogen. For the Trestolone, there is little conversion into estrogen during the cycle and as result, it is recommended to use Aromatase inhibitors to efficiently lower the conversion process. Finally, the Trestolone can be stacked which helps in boosting bulkiness and cutting effect when stacked with other prohormones such as Dimethandrostenol but not with nor-19 compounds. But the best stacking compound is the Epistane as it suppresses your natural production of testosterone during the cycle.

Side effects

Like any other prohormone, Trestolone has a side effect on the users. You may experience enlargement of male breast (gynecomastia), hair loss, aggression when PTC is not maintained there shall be fat gain, aggression, and increased blood pressure.


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